Tuesday, April 10, 2007

We Built this City

So, the group Jefferson Airplane (AKA Jefferson Starship) never met JJ Drinkwater or visited Caledon. But, if they had, they would know that JJ devotes his heart and soul to promoting good content in SL.

Yesterday, in the middle of class at LAHQ, I received all of my educational materials back from Renaissance Island. I was dismayed but busy, so I couldn't deal with the problem right then and there. Later, when I had the chance to catch up with JJ, I learned that the whole island - the one he and all the cool librarians worked on - was gone. Poof. Up in smoke.

Apparently, the donor of the island couldn't support it, and just got rid of it. There was no warning to the librarians. There was no chance for them to make the money or donate it to save the sim for one more month.

Well, the Desi-Beth machine, albeit down with a terrible head cold, can not stand by and watch people get trampled on. I geared up the ye-old-email-machine, and sent inquiries to Debs Regent at the London sim and to the SLed list.

I am SOOOO proud to be part of this network. Within minutes, emails started to pour in. This place can host this much that place can hold that much. Never fear, JJ and company, there are a lot of people here that want to help.

I am touched by this generous spirit.

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