Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Ultimate Callaborative Build

I learned a few valuable lessons this week:

1. If your Sim is sent back in pieces, a lot of really good people will help you pick them up. Cyber Compliments go out to ALL THE MEMBERS ON SLED that pitched in to help save the work of the Renaissance Island people.
2. If you go for a tour, you might end up planning a conference.

The Educators in SL are really geared up for the 1st Annual Best Practices in SL Teaching Conference being held May 25th.

We have had some wonderful leaders step forward to sponsor the conference, including the awesome and resourceful NMC. They are also providing us space to host displays for all colleges, non-profits, libraries, and other educational venues. We are greatly indebted to them for their generosity.

We have also been blessed by the in-kind generosity of, LTD and ACHUB. We have lined up one of our keynote speakers, Intellagirl Tully.

We still need some financial support (about 250USD), vendors, presenters, and VOLUNTEERS!!!!! Hop on the wiki if you want to help out (
1st Annual Best Practices in SL Teaching Conference Wiki).

The most important lesson I have learned this week is that enthusiasm multiplies. The homeless Renaissance people felt it; the educators feel it, and our students, no doubt, will feel it, too. When we get excited, our energy creates more energy, and that energy - boundless - is the fuel of passion.

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